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Ho Chi Minh City 

Thu Nguyen Minh


With a passion for real estate and a commitment to excellence, Thu Nguyen Minh is a seasoned property manager dedicated to optimizing property performance. With years of experience, Thu brings a unique blend of industry expertise and personalized service to her clients. Known for her proactive approach, she excels in tenant relations, lease management, and strategic property enhancement. Thu’s focus on transparency and efficiency ensures that property owners experience smooth operations and sustained value. Trust Thu Nguyen Minh for unparalleled property management that goes beyond expectations.


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Discover peace of mind with our premier property management services. At Ping Pong Global, we pride ourselves on expertly handling every aspect of property ownership. From tenant acquisition and lease administration to proactive maintenance and strategic financial management, we ensure your investment thrives. Our experienced team leverages in-depth market knowledge and cutting-edge technology to maximize your property’s value. Trust us to navigate the complexities of property management while you enjoy the benefits of a seamless, stress-free experience.


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